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PLC / Drives

PLC are used to control logic functions to simplify complex electrical logics, Drives and motors used to control motion of axis movements.

DRO's & Linear Scales

We have robust DRO's & Linear scales which are installed on to conventional machines for having axis movement feedback for enhanced productivity.

Inverter Welding Machines

These welding machines are used for sophisticated weld of different weld materials, with minimum power consumption and achieve customer's satisfaction.



CNC controllers are used to control machines and processes. They provide capabilities ranging from simple point-to-point linear control to highly complex algorithms with multiple axes of control.



We are the best repair & service in Digital readout (DRO) scales and encoders...

PCB Testing

PCB Testing

Complex PCB testing with support of Qmax Test Technologies.

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About Ekadantha Auotmation and Weldtech Pvt. Ltd.

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Ekadantha Automation and Weldtech Pvt Ltd is a part of that is located in Mahalakshmipuram . Ekadantha motto is to provide solutions for :
All kind of SPM/AUTOMATION Requirements in all types of Fabrication,Machine Tool, Process Controls. We also do CNC Machines Upgradation, Retrofits, PLC Based for all conventional Machines.
Apart from the above we do carry out regular Electronic Services, Repairs, New spares, for all PCB level repairs with even onsite solutions.
We install/ Repair/ Service all types of Linear Scales, Encoders, Magnetic Scales, for CNC Machines and DRO(Digital Read Out) for Conventional Machines like Lathe, Milling, Horizontal & Jig Boring Machines.

We are one among the mechatronics engineers specialised
in retrofits, SPM's & Robotics providing the
highest quality products,
services and solutions to our customers.


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